Premium Kegel Weights - Now On Sale!
Premium Kegel Weights - Now On Sale!
Premium Kegel Weights - Now On Sale!
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Premium Kegel Weights - Now On Sale!

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  • Build Stronger & Tighter Vaginal Muscles
  • Achieve Better Bladder Control
  • Increase Sexual Satisfaction

  •  QUICK RESULTS – After just a few short weeks you’ll feel the difference: Stronger & tighter vaginal muscles, improved bladder control, and a higher level of sexual satisfaction.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - Significant improvement within 8-12 weeks.
  • PREMIUM MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE - Silky-smooth, Hypoallergenic, Free of Latex, BPA & Phthalate.
  • RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS - Prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists as a treatment for Urinary Incontinence. 
  • DISCREET PACKING & FREE SHIPPING within the US (3-8 days)


Scientifical Proof:

"Training with vaginal cones (i.e, Kegel Weights) produced significantly better pelvic floor muscle strength than did exercise without cones."

Testing And Training Of The Pelvic Floor Muscles After Childbirth . Authors: Aino Jonasson,Aino Jonasson,Helmut Pschera



"I was feeling 'off' and worried that after two kids and some aging I wasn't as tight and strong as I'd like to be. These are so easy to use and the results have been awesome — stronger pelvic floor, less feeling like I have to run to the bathroom, not worried about leaking if I cough or do jumping jacks, increased pleasure for both my husband and myself, and renewed confidence. In general everything just feels tighter and stronger and better."


"This is a really great set. I had a child two months ago and a sneeze can be quite dangerous. I knew I needed to strengthen my pelvic flooring and while you can do kegel exercises without weights (I am horrible at this because it's hard to keep my attention), I wanted to strengthen my muscles more than what just the exercises alone would give you. I got this set to help with that. . I started with the first egg at 50 grams and after a week have moved onto the second. I generally use it when I am in the shower or getting ready in my bathroom. Directions suggest once or twice a day for 10/15 minutes each, so I find those moments during the morning and evening to be best. These have helped greatly and I highly suggest them. The colors go from light to dark to help distinguish weight and the outside material is easily cleaned."



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