The Effectiveness of Kegel Weights

Kegel Weights were clinically tested several times in the US and EU. They were found to be very effective in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Here are the  main benefits of training with Kegel Weights:

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles  
  • Treating stress urinary incontinence
  • Improving sexual functioning
  • Improving confidence and quality of life

Research Findings and Conclusions:

"Training with vaginal cones (i.e, Kegel Weights) produced significantly better pelvic floor muscle strength than did exercise without cones."

Testing And Training Of The Pelvic Floor Muscles After Childbirth . Authors: Aino Jonasson,Aino Jonasson,Helmut Pschera

"​The reduction of urinary leakage after four months of exercise in the training group with vaginal balls (i.e, kegel weights) was significantly better  than the results in the group training with pelvic floor muscle exercises alone."

Effectiveness of two conservative modes of physical therapy in women with urinary stress incontinence. Authors: Tiina Arvonen,Aino Fianu-Jonasson, Raija Tyni-Lenne


"The improvement of the scores in the six sexual function index questionnaire domains(desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain), 5 months after the conclusion of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation , was statistically significant."

Sexual Function and Quality of Life in Women with Urinary Incontinence Treated by a Complete Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program . Authors: Massimo Rivalta MD et al


"In women with mild stress incontinence  pelvic floor training using vaginal cones (i.e, Kegel Weights) resulted in a subjective success rate of 70%, that is complete cure or reduction by >50% of the original severity."

Clinical value of vaginal cones for the management of female stress incontinence. Authors: K. Kato, A. Kondo


What do users say?

I was feeling 'off' and worried that after two kids and some aging I wasn't as tight and strong as I'd like to be. These are so easy to use and the results have been awesome — stronger pelvic floor, less feeling like I have to run to the bathroom, not worried about leaking if I cough or do jumping jacks, increased pleasure for both my husband and myself, and renewed confidence. In general everything just feels tighter and stronger and better."



This is a really great set. I had a child two months ago and a sneeze can be quite dangerous. I knew I needed to strengthen my pelvic flooring and while you can do kegel exercises without weights (I am horrible at this because it's hard to keep my attention), I wanted to strengthen my muscles more than what just the exercises alone would give you. I got this set to help with that. . I started with the first egg at 50 grams and after a week have moved onto the second. I generally use it when I am in the shower or getting ready in my bathroom. Directions suggest once or twice a day for 10/15 minutes each, so I find those moments during the morning and evening to be best. These have helped greatly and I highly suggest them. The colors go from light to dark to help distinguish weight and the outside material is easily cleaned.



I have been having problems with my bladder and waking up on the middle of the night hoping to make it to the bathroom. I was told by my doctor the best thing Is to do kegel exercises. This really sounded weird to me but I ordered these. The directions were clear for beginners. I have been using them now since I got them. I can tell you it really works. I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore. If you have bladder issues try these before you spend money on doctor.



Like many women who have had a couple of babies, I have pelvic floor dysfunction. My doctor recommended exercising with Ben wa balls, but didn't have any suggestions on what features to look for. I decided to try this set because it has several different weights so I can work my way up to the heavier ones.
The pear shapes are very easy to insert and remove. The medical grade silicone is super easy to clean and the box doubles as a carrying case to keep them clean between uses. I also like that they are color coded so I immediately know which one I am using.
This would make a great gift for a new mom or even an older woman who has pelvic issues.



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